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Oxygen skin care system


Oxygen inhalation is excellent both for mind and body, increasing the concentration and mnemonic capabilities, reducing the stress, detoxifying, improving sport performances, reducing the down-time period after intensive fatigue.

Oxygen injection is an innovative and successful method which used pure oxygen to help the penetration of active ingredients contained in the products right into the skin germinative layer

The oxygen spray function helps to calm down the skin and to enhance the healing processes of the tissues.

Though human body inducing middle Bio-electic frequency signal, it could inhibit the sympathetic stimulation, dilation of blood vessels,promote blood circulation, improve the physical, movement of blood and ,improve organizational activity, speed up metabolism

Supersonic has a mechanical, hyperthermia and biochemical effect, make local tissue cells can be micro-massaged, promote blood circulation, soften organizations, speed up chemical reaction, and promote metabolism.


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