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Ultrashape Body slimming HIFU


How does it woks ?

ROZASLIM is the most advanced ultrasound wave technology to loose weight, which uses high intensity focus ultrasound technique to penetrate deep into fat tissue from 7mm to 13mm to accelerate the lipolysis phase. At the base of treatment probes, there are 4 concentrated ultrasound exit points that penetrate into adipose tissue accurately; high energy and high speed produce great heat in a short time and burn fatty tissues in fatty acids, the same dispersion heat energy penetrates into related tissues to promote revival of collagen and firm skin.



Burn the annoying fat tissue and lose weight

Shape perfect S stature and size loss

Recover tight and flexible skin, lift up lower abdomen skin

Layer collagen production and rebirth

Recover dark skin stretch and scar

- Whole body Fat reduction & skin tightening & rejuvenation:
Back tightening, reshaping breast, buttocks and legs, lumber, hip and leg shape, butterfly sleeve removal, restoring minors stretch marks.



System Type

High intensity focus ultrasound - HIFU

Output power


Ultrasonic Frequency

8MHz, 2MHz of each spot

Cartridge Depth

7mm & 13mm for choice

Lifespan of Cartridge

20000 / 30000 shots for choice

Energy output spot size

1cm *1cm

Energy output spot

4 spots

Operate Mode

Stamp & Auto

Package size


Electrical Requirements



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