Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch marks are a common problem, especially among pregnant women and patients who are obese. While stretch marks do not present a medical concern, their appearance on the body can make one feel self-conscious and embarrassed. Stretch marks are caused by damage to the dermis of the skin and may appear near the armpits, on the thighs, abdomen, groin and chest.


Pigment removal

Pigmented lesions, and in particular age spots, are increasingly regarded by the persons affected as a cosmetic blemish. Age spots occur in 50% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50. As such signs of aging are increasingly being seen as annoying, the readiness to have these removed privately is also growing.


Skin tightening

With the stimulation of collagen through skin tightening treatments, comes the improvement of elasticity to the skin to better define facial features. Heating of the surface area causes collagen to contract and become firmer. In addition, the heat stimulates the production of new cells. As these new cells are produced, they are more structured and firm, making the skin appear plump and full.


Skin rejuvenation

As you age, your skin begins to tell a story—lazy summer days spent out in the sun, the trying times of puberty, each and every time your smile reached your eyes. Even significant weight gain or weight loss can write its own chapter. Without a doubt, your skin can be the physical evidence of a life well-lived.


Acne scar removal

Acne scar is a common problem for many patients as they frequently develop after trauma to the skin. Scarring is part of the natural healing process of your skin. As the body repairs the wound, fibrotic tissue replaces the injured skin, forming a protective tissue. The type of tissue scar that develops depends on the cause of injury, the depth of the wound, its location, and other variables.


Vaginal tightening

The Fractional CO2 vaginal laser treatment utilizes a high-powered and safe fractional Pixel CO2 laser by Mintsmed. This fractional laser is inserted into the patient’s vagina with a specially designed probe. during the treatment, which lasts up to 15 minutes, the laser creates a gentle thermal effect, or heating, in the vaginal tissue. While leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed, this process stimulates the formation of new collagen. The result is vaginal rejuvenation.

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